New or Resale Home? Which is the better deal?

If you are on your way to Macdill Air Force Base and are looking to buy a home, you are likely wondering if it is a better deal to buy a new or… Continue reading

Do I Need a Realtor When I Want to Buy New?

Many buyers believe they will get a better deal if they negotiate directly with the builder themselves. After all, the salesperson at the model home knows the product and can help them through… Continue reading

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

The first thing I did when my husband came down on orders for MacDill AFB was to start researching places to live. When I typed ‘real estate near MacDill’ into the search engine,… Continue reading

How to Know the Neighborhood is Right for You and Your Family

When my husband and I moved into our first apartment as a young married couple, we thought we had arrived! A large three bedroom apartment on the third floor with a great view… Continue reading

PCS’ing and Pets

I think the hardest part about keeping up a blog about military relocation and PCS’ing is the number of topics to choose from! Over the years I have discovered that there are so… Continue reading


Although I am new to the blogging world, relocation is an old game for me. My husband is active duty military and we have quite a number of PCS’s under our belt! I… Continue reading

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